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How to Use Fresh Bee Pollen for Allergy Relief

Sacramento allergy relief

Hello Bee Boxers,

Let's talk about Sacramento's favorite topic: Sacramento Allergy Season!

Okay, truth be told, every person in Sacramento is dreading this spring - and for the rare few that don't get seasonal allergies, we are all jealous of you!

The pollens that are floating throughout the air can travel from miles away, causing itchy eyes, headaches, and congestion. Luckily for us, honeybees love pollen, and gather it naturally when foraging for nectar in Sacramento's florals. This is what we called Fresh, Local Bee Pollen.

Our Local Bee Pollen is stored in the refrigeration to maintain it's nutritional integrity. Bee Pollen that has been dried is no longer beneficial to you, and basically has no benefit to being taken.

The idea behind taking Fresh, Local Bee Pollen for allergy relief, is to slowly introduce the natural properties that you are allergic to into your body, so that over time your body grows an immunity against those very same allergens. Unlike allergy medication, your senses aren't being dulled or "turned off," instead, your body is being strengthened to resist the reaction.

If you have pollen allergies, you are then allergic to the pollen collected by bees in your area. This is the good and the bad about taking fresh, local bee pollen. We suggest beginning with only 1 or 2 granules of pollen when first taking it, and slowly increasing the amount you take each day.

fresh local bee pollen

Listen to your body - it will tell you when you have reached your pollen limit. Some people increase the amount they take until they reach 1 tsp/day. Others can take up to 2 tbsp/day. It all depends on your body and it's receptiveness and sensitivity.

Another thing to note: Since you do slowly increase your exposure daily, it takes a while for your immunity to build as well. We recommend beginning your daily bee pollen intake in February to have your immune system at it's strongest come the spring bloom!


Have more questions about Local Bee Pollen? Call us at 916-475-1828 or email us at!

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