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Honey Varieties 

Honey Dripping

Best Seller

Our Local Wild Flower honey is a delicious blend of the wildflowers in the Sacramento Valley, and produced soley by the Becker family that owns the storefront. Our honey bees spend their days gathering pollen and nectar from local wildflowers, making this honey perfect for those seeking some allergy relief. We characterize this honey as being the happy medium of sweetness between our Orange Blossom (extremely sweet) and Sage (very mild). 

Orange Blossom is loved wholeheartedly by those with a sweet tooth! This variety comes from the sweet orange fields of Fresno, California and contains hints of orange undertones and a candy-like sweetness that awakens your

tastebuds. Honeybees can't get enough of the delicious nectar that

comes from these trees!

Sage honey is lightly colored and best compared to Clover with it's mellow flavor and it's simple sweetness. If you're looking for a versatile honey to cook with that won't overpower your dish, then Sage is the way to go. This popular honey variety comes from hills of Monterey, California.  

USDA Organic Honey

Our Certified Organic Honey is made from the hardworking bees of South America - Brazil to be exact! And when we say Certified Organic, we mean USDA Certified Organic; free of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, or genetic modifiers. Its delectable flavor is unlike any other variety we have, with rich, earthy tones that gives it a savory versus a sweet flavor. (P.S. It's near impossible certify honey from the United States as organic,  but don't worry, we won't stop trying!)

The Kauai Wildflower honey is a truly unique variety unlike any other you've tried before! Harvested from bees also kept by the Becker family, this honey is rich with a complex flavor profile. Due to the tropical nature of this Hawaiian island, the flavor of the honey can vary seasonally, however we always seem to pick-up on a slight crushed pineapple flavor (and sometimes even a strong coffee bean influence!) This is the perfect choice for drizzling on vanilla ice cream, or pairing with seasonal fruit trays.

None of our honey varieties are artificially flavored; they all get their flavor from the blossoms

the bees visit! 


Honey Varieties 

Tasting Notes: Cherry, Chocolate, Brown Sugar 

*Excellent for

soothing coughs

Tasting Notes:

Black Licorice, Ginger, Berry

Tasting Notes: Butterscotch, Honeysuckle, Citrus

Tasting Notes:

Warm Spice, Fig, Grapefruit

Tasting Notes:

Ripe Berries, Melon, Crisp Pear


Tasting Notes: Cotton Candy, Irish Butter, Rose


Honey Offerings

Our new favorite product is our Infused Creamed Honey! A fast growing favorite among our customers as well, it's composed of our local wildflower honey infused with a little extra love. It's the same local honey you love, creamed to perfection. Easy to spread or eat from the jar, little less sticky, and containing nothing but honey and the flavor of your choice!

We can't say enough about pure honeycomb, cut straight from the hive. The old-school tradition of cutting a piece of comb straight from the hive and eating it is coming back around and it look like the trend is here to stay! Honeycomb is a delicious treat when paired with a cheese board, added to a deconstructed arugula salad, or simply by itself. The honey inside the comb is sealed and truly never been touched before - it's truly, pure honey. 

Available with Natural Flavor Infusions!

P.S. Looking for a bulk order? Feel free to give us a call or send us an email and we'd be happy to discuss exactly what you need!

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