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Pure Honey for Sore Throats

Hey Bee Boxers!

As we are all too aware, cold and flu season is starting up in Sacramento, Ca. Sore throats and coughs that keep you up all night are the worst combination when you still have work and chores to take care of during the day. Don't let your coughs and sore throats keep you up at night!

There's one question we get over and over again this time of year: "Is honey good for sore throats?"

In short, yes! Honey can be very effective for sore throats and coughs. There are a couple things to consider however, when choosing the most effective honey to sooth your cough & sore throat.

Raw, Pure honey for sore throats

Taking Raw Honey For Sore Throats

Raw honey is much more beneficial for your sore throats and coughs because it's natural properties include beneficial enzymes, nutrients, and minerals as well as bits of natural pollen. A sore throat is derived by some type of inflammation in the throat, which can be caused by bacterial or viral problems, as well as environmental factors such as yelling, prolonged exposure to smoke, etc. The natural properties in raw honey yields to the antibacterial, antimicrobial, and the anti-inflammatory benefits. Raw honey soothes inflammation naturally.

How to take Raw Honey for Sore Throats

To truly gain from taking raw honey for your sore throat, you should take anywhere from a teaspoon to a tablespoon of it once or twice a day. We recommend taking one spoonful in the morning (after breakfast) and one spoonful at night (before bed). Taking a spoonful of raw honey by itself, after you have finished eating and drinking, allows the honey to coat the throat and remain coated. The more prolonged the honey sits on the inflammation, the better the relief will be. If you mix honey with warm lemon water, or add it to tea, the effects aren't as beneficial to you in the end. That being said, honey in tea will only help, we just recommend you don't rely solely on it.

raw buckwheat honey for coughs

Taking Raw Honey For Cough Relief

These days, as a result of consumer conditioning towards modern medicine, we feel that cough syrup is the best thing for ourselves and our family when we are treating coughs. However, when it comes to the relief of coughs, honey has been scientifically proven to be more effective than dextro-methorphan, and diphenhydramine.

Results showed that those who took a spoonful of honey before bed showed a much more significant relief of they cough than those who took over the counter cough syrup. Raw honey is a more natural, and more effective way to treat coughs and sore throats. All of the honey we sell is guaranteed raw, pure, natural honey.

Different Varieties of Raw Honey For Cough Relief

If you are familiar with honey, then you probably know that it comes in many varieties, and all raw honey has different flavors based on which plant the bees have been taking nectar from. Raw Orange Blossom Honey, for example, comes from beehives in Orange Tree groves.

If all raw honey is good for cough relief, you may be wondering if there in one variety in particular that is better than the rest? While all varieties of honey will help, Buckwheat Honey is popularly known as the better honey for cough relief. Buckwheat honey does have a higher concentration of nutrients, which is probably where this distinction comes from. The biggest distinction you should take note of, from one honey to the next, is the difference between raw and pasteurized. Raw honey, as I explained earlier, makes all the difference!

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