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Can I start a Backyard Beehive in Sacramento?

sacramento beekeeping

Hello Bee Boxers,

We get a lot of questions about Backyard Beekeeping, and we've compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions! Each week we will be posting a new blog answering your questions, and we hope this helps other backyard beekeepers gain experience too! You never know who else might have the same question as you!

Our question today: Can I start a Backyard Beehive in Sacramento?

First of all, Sacramento is an excellent location to start a beehive. The weather is relatively mild, the spring season is always fruitful, and we have a plethora of wildflowers for the honeybees to visit. We always recommend that you check with local government (city or county), to be sure that your beehives fall into their guidelines. As popularity for beekeeping as a hobby rises, there is more legislation being created to protect the honeybees.

Some of regulations may include limiting the quantity of beehives you have based on your yard's square-footage. You may also be required to provide a source of water for your bees on your property. Registering your hive with the county you live in has become a more regular requirement as well. By registering, you are demonstrating that you are taking the correct and responsible steps towards having a backyard beehive, and it may help protect you and your beehive against complaints and reports.

Knowing your local government's requirements will help your beehive thrive in Sacramento. We can't speak for every county, but as the hobby of backyard beekeeping rises, we are seeing an increase in the regulation of beehives. To find out more about Sacramento county's rules and regulations, you can browse here and take a peak at their Apiary registration form here. The City of Sacramento's rules can be found here.


Do you have a question about Backyard Beekeeping? Let us know in the comments or by emailing, and we will be sure to write about it soon!

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