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Combatting Sacramento's Seasonal Beast...

Good Morning Bee Boxers!

This morning we are going to be discussing one of the most undesirable things about living in the Sacramento Valley.... Seasonal Allergies.

If you are one of the few individuals lucky enough to consider yourself immune to the high pollen counts of the Sacramento Valley, then you have nothing to worry about.

For the rest of us, allergy season is fast-approaching and before you know it, amid the spring blossoms, there will be runny noses and eternal congestion (or so it may seem). But before you break out the Allegra and tissues, consider the proactive approach to combating the seasonal beast: A Daily Dose of Local Bee Pollen.

Taking Local Bee Pollen is a relatively new approach to attempting to control seasonal allergies. Many people may be used to, or have at least heard of, taking Local Honey to help combat local allergies. This can also be effective, because it contains trace amounts of the Local Bee Pollen in it. This is because bees will interchange their storage cells within the comb; they may use a certain comb cell for pollen storage one day, then when it's gone, use that same cell to store honey. By doing this, trace amounts of the pollen end up in the honey. So in the end, it's the bee pollen, not the honey itself, that helps you.

The theory behind taking local bee pollen to combat allergies is simple: By introducing small amounts of what irritates you into your system, you slowly build up a tolerance internally and your immunity becomes much stronger.

Since there is a lack of concrete evidence to say that without a doubt it's the cure for allergies, it's difficult to measure exactly how much it can help and in what span of time. What we can say, however, is that most people who have taken our local bee pollen over a period of about a month see a drastic reduction in their sensitivity to natural, local pollens.

Because of the our beehives are spread out throughout the Sacramento Valley, the makeup of our local bee pollen is extremely diverse. This means that there is a greater chance that the total sum of one container of pollen includes almost everything you are allergic to, giving you greater relief during allergy season.

Using Local Bee Pollen

There are several ways to introduce the Local Bee Pollen into your system and keep your immune system nice and strong.

Think of taking bee pollen as a tiered system:

Local Sacramento Honey

At the bottom, we have Local Wildflower Honey. By eating a spoonful a day, you are introducing the trace amounts of pollen possible into your system, and very slowly over time growing your immunity to the local allergens in the air.

Sacramento Creamed Honey

In the middle, we have Creamed Honey, Infused with Local Bee Pollen. The Creamed Honey is made with our Local Wildflower Honey, thickened and Infused with Extra Pollen. This grows your immunity much faster than the honey alone, but it doesn't require taking the pollen raw. It also retains the same sweetness and flavor of the Local Wildflower honey from which it's made.

Shop Creamed Honey Here

Fresh Bee Pollen

On the top tier, we have Fresh, Local Bee Pollen taken raw. This is the most concentrated form of Bee Pollen you can take. It's kept fresh in the fridge to retain it's lifespan and nutrient content.

This is the quickest way to grow your immunity to local allergens and keep the immunity nice and strong throughout the spring.

If you have not already been consuming raw bee pollen on a regular basis, it is best to start off with one or two individual granules at a time and slowly increase your intake until you reach anywhere between a 1/2 tablespoon to a full tablespoon. Consuming raw bee pollen may also make your allergies a bit worse before they get better. Habitual use is the best way to get the results you want from the pollen.

Shop Local Bee Pollen Here

When to Take Local Bee Pollen

Right now! Local Bee Pollen is best taken year round, as it's rich in vitamins, antioxidants and protein. If you purely seek the allergy benefit however, its best to begin taking the Local Bee Pollen in February, that way by the the time allergy season hits, your immunity is high and you barely notice a thing!

Good bye tissue boxes - hello spring bouquets!

Additional benefits of taking pollen besides the allergy relief can be found here.


*The Bee Box does not claim that everyone who uses our Bee Pollen will prevent their allergies from occurring. In some cases, taking Bee Pollen will increase allergies.

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