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Top Honey-Producing States in the U.S.

The United States has taken up the "Save the Bees" motto and recently has taken some impressive strides to improve the quality of life for honeybees in America.

More honeybees, equals more pollination, which in turn feeds a large portion of the world. Plus, pure, raw honey is a universal sweetener that is gaining in popularity and demand.

But you may be wondering, where are all these amazing bees kept?

Well we have compiled a list of the Top Honey-Producing States in the U.S., and some of the rankings may surprise you!

South Dakota honey

#1 - North Dakota

I don't know about you, but this one surprised me! When I picture North Dakota, I picture snow, snow, and more snow! I learned however that the wildflowers growing in the spring and summer months in North Dakota lead to an impressive quantity of honey when extraction season comes around. But those honeybees can't possibly survive the long and cold winters of ND, so they head West to Sunny California to wait out the cold until returning again in spring! Yearly total = 33,670*

North Dakota honey

#2 - South Dakota

Number 2 on our list? South Dakota! For many of the same reasons that North Dakota is great for honey production, South Dakota follows suit. Yearly total = 14,535*

California wildflower honey

#3 - California

Not surprising, California is #3 on our list. Between the mild climate and the various and vast wildflowers that grow here, California produces a significant amount of honey. Not to mention the agricultural community and the ever-growing need for pollination. The honeybees that live here are truly blessed with easy going temps and a plethora of floral sources (both natural and crop based). Yearly total - 13,735*

montana honey

#4 - Montana

We're in big sky country now, with our number 4 state: Montana. Montana is know for it's diverse wildflowers, and maybe most notably it's Clover flowers. Clover honey is a wildly popular variety of honey, as it has a mellow, easy going flavor & medium level of sweetness. Yearly total - 10,440*

orange blossom honey

#5 - Florida

In fifth place for overall honey production, we have Florida. Florida honey is mostly known for it's two floral sources: Tupelo & Orange Blossom. Both honey varieties are wildly popular, the Tupelo being known for it's ability to keep from crystallizing for long periods of time, and the Orange Blossom for it's candy-like sweetness. Yearly total - 8,815*

No matter which honey variety fits your fancy, remember that when purchasing your honey, always source from a trusted individual or company, that you know only supplies pure & raw honey. The benefits of pure and raw honey are the natural enzymes, pollens, and minerals that naturally occur in the honey, and haven't been taken out through pasteurization. The Bee Box only sells pure, raw, unpasteurized honey and we are proud to say it!

*Production in thousand pounds


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