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Honeycomb: Truly Untouched Honey

pure honeycomb

Hello Bee Boxers,

Today I was talking with a customer about the wonder of honeycomb, and just how special it really is. The customer had heard of honeycomb before, but had really never experienced it.

Honeycomb, or "cut-comb," is cut straight out of a bee's hive and is comprised of pure honey that is completely encased inside beeswax. This honey is naturally preserved inside the comb and has truly never been touched before, making it honey in the purest state!

To eat it, you can simple break a piece off of the larger chunk and pop it in your mouth. As you chew, you will uncap and release pure, delicious honey which you can savor. Once all the honey is gone, the wax will be left and become almost gum like. At this point you can choose to throw the wax away, or you can eat it along with the honey. Eating beeswax is neither beneficial nor harmful to the body.

You can also incorporate it onto a charcuterie board to pair with a sharp manchego cheese. Alternatively, you can wow your dinner guests with a deconstructed salad of arugula, prosciutto, burrata, and honeycomb!

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