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Pure Honey: No Longer Just for Tea and Toast

Pure and Raw Honey

Hello Bee Boxers!

As local Sacramento beekeepers, we have always known that quality honey cannot even begin to be compared to the mass produced product shoppers most often see on their shelves.

Pure honey is rich, full-bodied, and each variety is unique in it's flavor and sweetness. Honey isn't meant to taste the same across the board - the distinct flavors can each be pinpointed to the honeybees natural forage in certain fields, during certain times of the year, in specific regions.

Isolating and experimenting with each flavor then becomes an exciting prospect in any kitchen. Everyone from experienced chefs serving upscale restaurants to parents cooking for their family can use honey in their cooking. Try wildflower honey in spring desserts and discover a new level of floral sweetness; incorporate organic honey in your next chicken marinade to pick up on a rich, warm sweetness that stands out in a rice bowl.

And so we must ask you... why limit yourself to just one generic honey?

Let us know what honey you use in your cooking! Email us at or tag us on instagram @thebeebx for a chance to be featured!

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