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A Recipe That Will Inspire the Romantic In You

rose infused honey

Good Morning Bee Boxers!

I have to say, I love Valentine's Day - I love the cheesy cards, the overuse of roses, and the feeling one gets at a candle lit dinner with your significant other. I also love the connection one can have with themselves or cherished friends on this day. ("Galantine's" Celebrations are here and better than ever!)

Over here at The Bee Box, sweetness is our middle name. And whether or not you are celebrating Valentines Day 2018 with someone special or you're flyin' solo, you're sure to be inspire your inner romantic with the local honey recipe below.

Rose Petal Infused Honey

It seems everywhere we turn this month we are confronted with a bouquet of roses - not a terrible problem to have, all things considered. Their intoxicating smell immerses us and whisks our thoughts away... And now we've found a way for you to merge your favorite blooms with our Local Wildflower Honey. Roses aren't just about romance either. In some cultures, they are thought to bring calm and clarity to those seeking relief from stress.

Being all-natural, rose petals are also beneficial to your wellbeing. They contain trace amount of Vitamin C and essential minerals and provide you with a more diversified palate. So now that we've established that it would not only be fun for you to make this DIY Local Honey Infusion but beneficial too, let's get started!

Materials Needed:

1 Empty Glass Jar

2 Tbsp. Dried or Fresh Rose Petals (preferably from an organic farm, or wild rose bush)

Pure, Local Wildflower Honey from The Bee Box


Crush dried petals gently, (enough to crack but not enough to turn to dust), and add to your clean, empty jar.

crushed rose petals

From here you can pour a jar of honey over the petals, or you can bring your jar into our storefront in Sacramento and pour directly from our "Honey on Tap."

sacramento local honey
roses and honey

Gently stir honey and roses to combine, and let sit for a week.

Voila! This makes an excellent gift for someone this Valentine's Day as a unique alternative to chocolate! Or maybe wait until after when you have all those leftover rose petals lying around...

valentines day gift

Share your pics with us on social media - we can't wait to see them! @thebeebx

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