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5 Amazing Natural Beehives

If you are a commercial or a backyard beekeeper, you're familiar with standard frames that allow honeybees to expand and grow their hive in a structured and cohesive manner.

While this is great for beekeepers and allows them to easily extract honey from the hive, it isn't always what would have happened in the wild...

Check out these Five Amazing Natural Beehives below and then try to figure out just how you would extract the honey from each!

Wild Beehive, French Beehive

A beehive that was discovered in a log, layered top to bottom instead of side to side - it's a wonder what honeybees can do with a cylinder-shaped home.

Location: Cévennes, France

Original Post: Click Here

Santa Cruz beehive, wild beehive

This beehive was created amongst the branches of coastal trees in the Santa Cruz area.

Location: Santa Cruz Area

Original Post: Click Here

Wild beehive, natural beehive

A rouge beehive landed in the backyard of a home and created a large hive on a small tree branch.

Location: Michigan

Original Post: Click Here

wild beehive, natural beehive

Perhaps unfortunate placement, however an interesting discovery should you have the ability to observe a hive up close!

Location: Skagit Valley

Original Post: Click Here

natural beehive, wild beehive

The original source of this last natural, wild honeycomb we couldn't track down, however it's amazing structure, size and complexity was too intense for us to over look!


Oh, imagine the amazing varietal flavors of each! Have any pictures of natural, local beehives that you have found? Feel free to email them to for a chance to be featured!

*Honeybees are naturally docile, however please exercise caution when approaching natural beehives.

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