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Meadowfoam is known as the “specialty honey of the Pacific Northwest” according to Sunset Magazine, the Meadowfoam flower is a lovely white and yellow ground cover that blooms in the spring in the valleys of Oregon.  The taste of Meadowfoam honey is truly unique!  Often described as vanilla-caramel or marshmallowy, this is raw honey without any additives.


Pure, raw, & unfiltered: that is the description of every very variety of honey we sell. It has not been heated at high temperatures, and the natural pollens have not been filtered out. 


Available in the following sizes:

12 oz / 0.75lb (plastic squeeze bear)

16 oz / 1 lb

32 oz / 2 lb 

64 oz / 4 lb

  • Crystallization

    Because our honey is unprocessed, it may candy. To liquify, place bottle in a warm water bath (do not boil)  with the lid off until honey returns to it's liquified state. 

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