USDA Certified Organic Honey

USDA Certified Organic Honey


Our Certified Organic Honey is made from the hardworking bees of South America - Brazil to be exact! And when we say certified organic, we mean USDA Certified Organic; free of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, or genetic modifiers. Its delectable flavor is unlike any other variety we have, with rich, earthy tones that gives it a savory versus a sweet flavor.


Pure, raw, & unfiltered: that is the description of every very variety of honey we sell. It has not been heated at high temperatures, and the natural pollens have not been filtered out. 


Available in the following sizes:

12 oz / 0.75lb

16 oz / 1 lb

32 oz / 2 lb 

64 oz / 4 lb

  • Crystallization

    Because our honey is unprocessed, it may candy. To liquify, place bottle in a warm water bath (do not boil)  with the lid off until honey returns to it's liquified state. 

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