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What basics do I need to start a backyard beehive?

The basics of what you will need to start a backyard beehive are a 3 lb. package of bees with a queen along with a starter kit that includes a painted super with a top board, bottom board, 10 frames, smoker, hat, veil, hive tool, and a feeder. 

When can I order Packaged Bees?

All orders for Packaged Bees are pre-orders, taken year round and pick-up days are in the spring season of every year. Sign-Up to be the first to know when orders open for the 2023 Packaged Bee season by clicking here.

How much space do I need to start a hive?

What is the ideal hive set-up?

The ideal hive set-up depends completely on who 

Is having a hive safe if I have children and/or pets?

What will having a hive do for my garden?

Will having a hive affect my neighbors?

I want a hive but I don't want to get stung, how can I prevent this?

How much honey will my hive produce?

How often will I extract honey?

How often will I need to check on the hive?

What about varroa mites?

How can I make my yard more bee friendly?

Is it legal to have a beehive in Sacramento?

Safe ways to treat water features for algae, without disrupting the bees?

Barley balls, barley extract, tadpoles/water snails, plant aquatic plants that reduce sunlight in the fountain - also good place for bees to land to drink water. Hydrogen peroxide (with a net for 24hrs).

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