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Combatting Sacramento's Seasonal Beast...

January 13, 2018

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Spring in Sacramento

February 21, 2018



Spring has come!


It seems that we can't escape the spring season here in Sacramento - it is coming whether we want it too or not! With that being said, our little honey bees are gearing up to take on the new blossoms and bounce back from a cold winter. But do you know if your plants are really helping out our favorite pollinators?


Unfortunately it seems that these days plants are being genetically modified for beauty and floral production, while compromising the nectar and pollen production. This makes it much more difficult for the honeybee to survive - the bee now has to fly twice as much just to gather it's normal forage amount, wasting precious time and energy. 


How do you know if your florals are right for bees?


It's important to ensure that you choose florals that are native to the area, and known to attract pollinators of all kinds. This ensures that it is the type of floral that will provide an excellent source of nutrition for our honey bees. 


Check out these seed bombs for a no-hassle way to add pollinator-friendly florals to your garden at home!





While gathering nectar from local flowers, our honeybees also gather pollen by brushing up against it while inside a floral. This is how the local wildflower honey gets trace amounts of pollen inside it, which can provide allergy relief if eaten consistently. 







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